пятница, 19 июня 2020 г.

sve/sve2 instructions for arm64

Today I finished adding of sve/sve2 instructions to my pet-project armpatched
I used as reference ISA_A64_xml_futureA-2019-09_OPT.pdf
Sure code is full of bugs, incomplete and has terrible style - all what you can expect from 7KLOC on plain C
Known problems:
  • since my main goal was code analysis disasm strings looks not very good - for example I totally emit register size suffixes (although size storing in op_reg.sz)
  • I don`t know for what used "fields" so they filled in voluntary random order
Zx registers marked as floating point with op_reg.fp == 2 and Px registers with op_reg.fp == 3
Code was tested on all possible instructions and looks like it does not crash. Bcs it seems that some instructions use floating point you must use KeSaveFloatingPointState/KeRestoreFloatingPointState in case of kernel mode

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