вторник, 19 ноября 2019 г.

last version of wincheck

it`s last because of
My former employer was so so nice that he allowed me to publish this build. Btw I seek new job


  • add support of Windows 1909
  • add support of new RFG relocs. As usually kernel itself has bad IMAGE_DYNAMIC_RELOCATION_TABLE - it contains zero type somewhere inside IMAGE_DYNAMIC_RELOCATION
  • add dumping of WMI_LOGGER_CONTEXTs for InfinityHook detection (with -wmi option)
  • add dumping of PsAltSystemCallHandlers
  • add dumping of PoPdcCallbacks (with -pofx option)
  • add dumping of PpmPlatformStates (with -ppm option)
  • add dumping callbacks registered with RtlRegisterFeatureConfigurationChangeNotification function 

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