четверг, 2 марта 2017 г.

ida plugin for RFG fixups processing

I commited today code for Ida Pro plugin for RFG fixups processing - for both version 1 & 2

It seems that by default during automatic loading of pe files Ida don`t load .reloc section (where usually located RFG fixups). In such case I ask if you want to add new segment:
Sure it works only if original input file (you can extract it with get_input_file_path function) is still available. Also I used dirty hack - I am too lazy to parse PE file by hand, and it seems that node "$ PE header" keeps all sections (even not loaded in base !) in supvals


Update: it seems that buggy ida sdk don`t contains doCode function and auto_mark_range actually does not take into account end argument, so body of prologs looks ugly

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