четверг, 15 ноября 2012 г.

How to Design Programs

I finished reading of this book today
IMHO it`s totally useless book in the same row with Design Patterns and Clean Code
  • The book about recursive functions even does not refer to master theorem ! Epic fail
  • It seems that functional style of thinking has some serious problems. For example task from chapter 41.3 can be easily solved without incapsulating list of cards inside closure - you just need to swap old first card to the second position:
    (local ((define old-card (make-hand (hand-rank a-hand) (hand-suite a-hand) (hand-next a-hand))))
    (begin (set-hand-rank! a-hand rank)
           (set-hand-suite! a-hand suite)
           (set-hand-next! a-hand old-card))) 
Also this books won`t teach you how to program with scheme bcs it doesn't describe
  • macros
  • lazyness
  • errors processing
  • continuation
  • hash tables
  • etc etc

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  1. What specifically you found useless in Design Patterns? (I haven't found a post of frustration concerning this book on your blog ;)