четверг, 11 октября 2012 г.

building dynamorio

Visual Studio 2008
Cmake 2.8.9
WDK 7.1

It seems that cmake support is broken in SVN source tree so I decided to describe how to build it with Visual Studio 2008 under windows xp 32bit

First you need to change NTDLL_LIBPATH in cmake to %WDKROOT%\lib\wxp\i386
Next you must add CMAKE_ASM_SUPPORTS_INTEL_SYNTAX boolean var to cmake and set it to TRUE
Now you can generate project for vs2008 but it will be broken anyway. So next you must add path to ntdll.lib to your visual studio. Open Tools->Options menu and add path to %WDKROOT%\lib\wxp\i386 in VC++ Directories->Library files

This is not end of story - it seems that custom rules for building .obj files from .s also broken, so you must compile it manually. Run Visual Studio 2008 command prompt and type
cd %dynamorio%\core
ml pre_inject_asm.s
ml x86_core.s
ml x86_noncore.s
copy pre_inject_asm.obj dynamorio.dir\Release
copy x86_core.obj drdecode.dir\Release
copy x86_core.obj dynamorio.dir\Release
copy x86_noncore.obj dynamorio.dir\Release

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