среда, 5 сентября 2012 г.

Gray Hat Python

I have finished reading of this slim book and I am really disappointed:
  • python sucks. The only reasons why I am still using it are NetworkX and PyKd
  • CreateRemoteThread doesn`t work since vista times and I am sure this was known in 2009. Actually whole book is full of such little irritating things which just don`t work
  • Immunity debugger & idapython were described very laconically
  • PyEmu is sooooo sloooooow...
[sarcasm mode on]
Why we still don`t have excellent books like "gray hat assembler", "bloody and dirty perl" or "haskell quantum physics lean and mean for dummies in 24 hours" ?
[sarcasm mode off]

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    1. [start of answer to your sarcassm]: if anybody out-there knows something that it is worth more than the profit he would do from publishing a book he wouldn't publish it. Keep that in mind, since i have recently came to the conclusion that I should research and find new stuff with my bare hands not through a nice book [end of answer IMO]

      lately i found an alternative trick instead of the CreateRemoteTHread, and this trick works on 7+, you can find it here: http://securityxploded.com/ntcreatethreadex.php

      I am love python, since it lets me create something useful very quickly relative to C or Java (these are the languages i am know).
      Yes i have the book you mention too, and i am soso with it, on one hand i found there nice tricks, but on the other hand it just full of content that is available freely on the internet like the ImmDbg API and so on.

    2. So actually you say "any published book cannot contains some really USEFULL info", right ?