воскресенье, 15 апреля 2012 г.

Installed windows 8 server build 8250

You can get it here
Good news:
  • It can be installed on Virtual Box with 1Gb RAM & 32Gb of disk
  • It has less crazy GUI (not metro useless panes)
  • wincheck works on it sometimes
  • you can still install windbg from wdk7 on it
Bad news:
  • no "start" button anyway
  • IE10 cons preview with paranoid "server" settings
  • I am unable to open its install.wim image

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  1. Well, I was able to find only one new driver registered in fltmgr - npsvctrig.sys
    No new drivers in Filesystem directory at all

  2. Strange. I created a new ReFS-volume. Result:

  3. > !object \FileSystem
    fffffa800f4c8e60 Driver ReFS
    25 fffffa800d1be410 Device ReFSRecognizer

    > !fltkd.volume fffffa800f51b480
    FLT_VOLUME: fffffa800f51b480 "\Device\HarddiskVolume4"
    CDODeviceName : "\Refs"
    CDODriverName : "\FileSystem\ReFS"

  4. can you run latest wincheck version on this machine with options "-wmi -alldrv -fm" and send me output ?

  5. >>I am unable to open its install.wim image
    Use ImageX