воскресенье, 25 марта 2012 г.

visual studio 2011

wdk8 now doesn`t contain c/c++ compilers/linkers and requires visual studio c++ 2011 to work:

So a week ago I installed subj

Good news
  • It can be installed on machine where already visual studio 2010 lives
  • It partially works sometimes
  • It`s even able to compile wincheck
Bad news
  • Installation is very reticent and you cannot select things which you really want to install. So it installed whole pile of trash -  vb.net, f#, silverlight (so I have a couple now - one from vs2010 and one from vs2011), arm libraries etc etc
  • It doesn`t have platform sdk ("going native", yep). Luckily it can use previous version of platform sdk from visual studio 2010 but what if I want to install it on fresh machine ?
  • It cannot be installed on windows xp anymore. Perhaps on vista too - I didn`t check
  • Support of C++11 is still very incompleted (you can compare it with gcc 4.7)
  • C99 isn`t supported at all
  • Most terrible thing - it cannot produce native modules for windows xp !

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