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Masterminds of Programming

читаю давеча subj - автор forthа Chuck Moore дичайше отжигает (и практически разжигает):
The operating system is another concept that is curious.Operating systems are dauntingly complex and totally unnecessary. It’s a brilliant thing that Bill Gates has done in selling the world on the notion of operating systems. It’s probably the greatest con game the world has ever seen.
An operating system does absolutely nothing for you. As long as you had something - a subroutine called disk driver,a subroutine called some kind of communication support, in the modern world, it doesn’t do anything else.In fact,Windows spends a lot of time with overlays and disk management all stuff like that which are irrelevant.You’ve got gigabyte disks; you’ve got megabyte RAMs. The world has changed in a way that renders the operating system unnecessary.
Дедушка дико крут:
Some 20 years ago I wanted to develop a tool to design VLSI chips. I didn’t have a Forth for my new PC, so I thought I’d try a different approach: machine language. Not assembler language, but actually typing the hex instructions.
I built up the code as I would in Forth, with many simple words that interacted hierarchically. It worked. I used it for 10 years. But it was difficult to maintain and document. Eventually I recoded it in Forth and it became smaller and simpler.
Учитывая что интервью взято в 2007 году - дедушке в 87ом, когда он вколачивал тонны hex-codes было почти 50 лет между прочим ! а вы говорите - dwordы в уме ксорить
Дедушка предсказывает конец света:
Legacy software is an unappreciated but serious problem.It will only get worse -not only in banking but in aerospace and other technical industries. The problem is the millions of lines of code. Those could be recoded, say in thousands of lines of Forth. There’s no point in machine translation, which would only make the code bigger. But there’s no way that code could be validated. The cost and risk would be horrendous. Legacy code may be the downfall of our civilization.
Дедушка проповедует:
Don’t anticipate.Don’t solve a problem that you think might occur in the future. Solve the problem you’ve got. Anticipating is very inefficient. You can anticipate 10 things happening, of which only one will, so you’ve wasted a lot of effort.
Team work - much overrated. The first job of a team is to partition the problem into relatively independent parts. Assign each part to an individual. The team leader is responsible for seeing that the parts come together.
Sometimes two people can work together. Talking about a problem can clarify it. But too much communication becomes an end in itself. Group thinking does not facilitate creativity. And when several people work together, inevitably one does the work
Авторам компиляторов тоже досталось:
Compilers are probably the worst code ever written.They are written by someone who has never written a compiler before and will never do so again. Another failing of compiler writers is the compulsion to use every special character on the keyboard. Thus keyboards can never become smaller and simpler. And source code becomes impenetrable
 Горячий привет авторам APL, бгг

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